A dark fantasy tale about hope, perseverance, and the preservation of love.

After waking up in a tower with no memory of events past her adolescence, Rose must examine every nook and cranny of her prison in the sky to solve the mystery of who brought her here and how she might escape.

She soon realizes the contents of the room–clothing that fits perfectly, a hairbrush that rests naturally in her hand–are her own belongings, and as she starts to piece together her past, she discovers that an even greater mystery resides in her own identity. There’s a wedding band here, and a golden locket containing a photo of a family she’s convinced are her husband and children.

But things aren’t always as they seem, and sometimes desire can send you plummeting mercilessly into the depths.


a collection of poems
about sex, love, and loss…

It’s not the words
or the weight that pulls you in.
It’s the wait.
The timed release meant quicken your heart,
warm your blood.
It’s the gentle back and forth
that connects two souls.
It’s the depth promising new beginnings.
That’s why you stay.


A zombie story that will break your heart as it tears out your insides.

The power has been out for a month, the roads are clogged with abandoned vehicles, and the dead roam the streets. In a quiet suburb on the outskirts of an unnamed city, the only survivors of this apocalyptic nightmare hide out in their homes with plywood on their windows and furniture blocking their doors.

For weeks, a young waitress named Laura is stuck in her attic and running out of food while the dead pile into her house, drawn to her scent. Down the street, her friend Morrigan, a firefighter before the world ended, has barricaded herself in her two-story home with her dog, unaware Laura is still alive.

When a neighbor named Jacob begins making supply runs and delivering them to the survivors on his street, he rescues Laura, secures her house, and offers to carry a letter to Morrigan. Thus begins a correspondence between friends and, together, they discover the dead might be the least of their worries.

THE LAST LETTER is a zombie story for people who don’t read zombie stories. Tense, emotional, and gritty, this series of letters explores how fast the dark side of human nature emerges when society collapses.


By the time you know what’s going on, it’s too late…

Follow WB through a grim future where human meat is on the market or trail slowly behind while she introduces you to Marie Laveua’s daughter. Meet the friend you didn’t know Dahmer had; watch a young girl follow behind a mass murder attack, be witness to a small moment that ripples through families. The best and most brutal of WB’s works has been brought together in this all-too-believable collection.


Baby Muncher‘ is a short story published by WB Welch in the 16th edition of Thrice Fiction

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